Department of Obsterics & Gynecology – Sri Chamundeshwari Hospital

Department of Obsterics & Gynecology

Department of Obsterics & Gynecology

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology provides a wide range of services for pregnant women and unborn infants, as well as effective therapy of associated disorders. A full range of healthcare services are offered by the department, including fertility care, minimally invasive surgeries, the management of high-risk pregnancies/late pregnancies, painless deliveries, and the treatment of gynaecological cancers through chemotherapy, , radiotherapy, and/or radical surgery.

Expert gynaecological and obstetric care is offered at Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital And Research Institute in addition to specialised treatments for particular disease groups. Age-related differences in the health concerns that women have are adequately identified and treated with the utmost care.

The complete safety and comfort of female patients at Sri Chamundeshwari Medical College Hospital And Research Institute is guaranteed, as well as that of their children. Our staff follows tried-and-true techniques for performing tasks. Amniocentesis, Ultrasonography, and chorionic villus sampling are among the techniques carried out that aid in the early identification of a variety of issues. Additionally, the department places a strong emphasis on professional counselling and high-quality care in the areas of family welfare, menopause management, pregnancy diagnosis, reconstructive surgery, and pelvic floor medicine.

Fecilities / Services

  1. OPD Facilities Both Gynec & Obstetrics
  2. Operative & Normal Deliveries
  3. Laparoscopic Surgeries
  4. Cancer Detection Clinic
  5. Menopause Clinic
  6. Foetal Monitoring Facilities
  7. Infertility Clinic
  8. Gynec Surgeries
  9. Family Planning Clinic
  10. High-Risk Pregnancy Unit
  11. Family Welfare Clinic
  12. Painless Labour Facilities