Department Of Radiology – Sri Chamundeshwari Hospital

Department Of Radiology

Department Of Radiology

A wide variety of radiographic services related to MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Sonography, Colour Doppler, CT, Dexa, interventional procedures, Fluoroscopy, and X-Rays are provided by the Department of Radiology. The department has cutting-edge medical technology available to deliver prompt and accurate diagnostic results. The department is made up of competent radiologists and highly trained, seasoned technicians who are committed to giving patients high-quality care around-the-clock.

Patients of all ages, including newborns, elderly patients, ambulatory patients, and inpatients, can receive radiological services from the department. Through a variety of research initiatives, the department actively breaks down barriers in the field of radiology and imaging. To make sure that all the malignancies associated with patients' conditions are treated, the Department collaborates closely with practically all of the other specialties.

Fecilities / Services

  1. Digital X-RAY
  2. Ultra Sound Scan
  3. Doppler Scan